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How to Cook Creamy Potato Soup with Bacon Bites - chef's easy Recipe Featured

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How to Cook Creamy  Potato Soup with Bacon Bites Recipe

(4-6 person)

Preparation 1 hour



Potatoes fresh cut them in big cubes  6 big pieces

Potato powder 300gr

Heavy cream 350gr

Fresh milk 1 ltr ( evaporated if you use you must mix it half & half with water)

Bacon, 10 slices

Onions fine chopped 2 big pieces

Garlic fine chopped 3 cloves

Cheddar cheese shreded

Chicken cubes 1 piece

Leeks finely chopped 2 pieces only the white part.

Butter unsalted 200gr

Salt & white pepper as need it.



Melt in your pot the butter in medium fire ( be very carefull the butter to do not turn black) and start to saute the leeks the onions the galic and the fresh  potatoes. Add the chicken cube too and add some salt and white pepper.

Add the fresh milk and 1 ltr of water and let your soup to boiled for one hour until reduce ¼ on your pot.

Then add the heavy cream let the soup to boile for 5 more minutes and then blend with your hand blender all your soup,  add the potato powder ( slowly inside the soup ) and mix the soup very well.  Your soup must be thick creamy.( do not turn the soup in mash potato by adding to much potato powder or by reducing a lot the soup) if your soup turn to thick add some hot milk and mix well the soup.

Adjust the salt & pepper.

Cooke in the fry pan or in the oven the bacon slices until they get crispy. Then chop the crispy bacon and add one tea spoon before service to the soup bowl.

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