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How to Cook with a wow Papardele Pasta with Smoked Salmon & Vodka Recipe

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How to Cook with a wow Papardele Pasta

with Smoked Salmon & Vodka Recipe

(4-6 Person)

Preparation time 30min


Papardele Pasta 500gr

Smoked Salmon 150gr

Vodka  50gr

Salt and white ground pepper as need it

Heavy cream 250gr

Olive oil 50gr

Chopped white onions 1piece

Chopped Fresh onions a small bunch

Mix vegetables 100gr (frozen)


Boiled your pasta for 8 minutes (add some salt on your water so your pasta will have better flavour and add the pasta on the water when the water is boiling). When your pasta is cooked

(Not well done, the pasta must be little hard.) drain it immediately and add it on your sauce.

For the sauce you need to put olive oil on your fry pan (small quantity, just to cover the pan surface), and to sauté your chopped onion for a couple minutes. The smoke salmon you cut it in large stripes and you add it to be sauté for less than a minute with the onions and you add slowly and the mix vegetables. You add the vodka and then you add your cream. Correct the flavour with the salt and pepper, and then add in the pasta. Add salt & pepper as need it.

Let the pasta to boiled inside the sauce for 5-6 minutes and serve it immediately hot.

Spring the fresh onions on top your pasta before you serve it.

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