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Monday, 30 July 2012 09:56


Licorice - A plant whose root provides an extract that has long been used to flavor confections and medicines. "Licorice" also refers to candy that has been flavored with licorice extract.

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Monday, 30 July 2012 09:56


Mame-Kogi - Miso made from soy beans.

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Thursday, 26 July 2012 03:22

Sushi Station with Photo Explanation

Cut the Nori sheet in two, making one 1/3 piece and one 2/3 piece.


Cut the Nori sheet in two, making one 1/3 piece and one 2/3 piece.


2 pieces on 1/3 Nori sheets stuck together.


Take a ball of rice.


Place the rice on the Nori sheet.


Spread the rice leaving the center thinner and ¾ inch at one edge of the Nori sheet uncovered.



Place the garnishes in the center where the rice layer is thinner.


Start rolling with the help of a bamboo mat covered with plastic film.


Roll completely leaving the uncovered piece of Nori sheet outside the roll.


Lift the bamboo mat and keep rolling including the outside piece of Nori sheet.


Press gently making the roll even.


An outside roll on Nori sheet, ready for cutting.


Cut the roll in two equal pieces.


Place the two pieces side by side and cut in half again to obtain four equal pieces.


Cut each of the four pieces in half again to obtain 8 equal pieces.shushi15

Thursday, 26 July 2012 03:10

Nigiri Preparation

Tuna, Yellow Tail and Salmon as they should be kept.



Take some rice in your right hand (about 2/3 oz / 20 gr.).  Hold gently and curl fingers to form  ball shape



Lay the rice ball on fish then, with the forefinger, press the rice lightly down on the fish.



Hold sides between thumb and forefinger, and curl left finger over to right sushi so that fish is on top.  Press sides with right thumb and forefinger



Nigiri is ready.


How to Cook with a wow Grilled Fresh Vegetable ,

Mix Green lettuce, & Feta Cheese Recipe



Fresh oregano chopped 4 – 5 leaves

Olive oil 200gr

Red wine vinegar 30gr

Salt as need it

Ground Black pepper as need it

Honey 1 tea spoon

Dijon mustard 1 soup spoon

Lemon juice 3-4 soup spoons

Zucchini sliced 1 finger thick

Eggplant sliced 1 finger  thick

Yellow pepper cut in squares 1 piece

Red pepper cut in square 1 piece.

Feta cheese cut in small cubes 200gr

Pine nuts  1 tea spoon.



Marinate all your vegetables with salt pepper and olive oil and the half  oregano.

Heat up a big fry pan and mark nice your vegetables with out to overcook them.

Wash well your lettuce  an let I dry.

Let them on the side to cool down in the room temperature.

In a big bowl now mix the lemon, vinegar mustard, honey,  the half oregano and 50 ml olive oil.

Mix all together and adjust the flavor by adding salt and pepper.

Set up you’re your plate as per photo and add the pine nuts and the feta cheese.

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How to cook with a wow Mushroom Tower,

with Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese Recipe

(4 persons)

Preparation 20min



Brioche bread sliced 8 slices

Butter unsalted 100gr

Fresh Buffalo mozzarela cheese sliced 2 ball ( 250gr each ball)

Bottom white mushrooms cut them in quarter 250gr

Shitake Mushrooms cut them in thick slices 200gr

Garlic fine chopped 2 cloves

Onion fine chopped 1 piece

Balsamic cream 80gr (you can buy in all the good Deli shops one bottle 200gr)

Basil fresh 4 leave.

Marsala Wine 100gr (you can find it in several good deli shop in very low price)

Salt and white pepper as need it



Take the half butter and put it in big fry pan and melt it slowly increase your fire and add the onion the garlic and sauté them well. Add the mushrooms and sauté them well too. Add salt and pepper. Add your marsala wine and let reduce the juice ( but do not dry the mixture)

Melt in a small pot the other half butter.

Toast well all the brioche bread slices and brush them with the melt butter.

Add one slice toasted  bread on the bottom of the plate add 2 soup mushrooms and spread them nice and add a nice slice of the mozzarella cheese. Repeat it one more time and on top add the basil leave.

Add the balsamic cream as per photo.

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How to Cook with a wow Grilled Marinated Asparagus Recipe

(4 – 6 persons)

Preparation 30min



Asparagus 500gr

Olive oil 100gr

Salt and pepper as need it

Chopped parsley  50 gr

Chopped oregano 20 gr

Chopped garlic 50gr

Fresh squeeze lemon juice 2 big lemons



Marinate the asparagus with olive oil, chopped garlic, seasoning and herbs. Mark on the grill or on the fry pan.

Add the fresh squeeze lemon juice when display on the line. Set as per photo.

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How to Cook Beef Soup with Fresh Vegetables Recipe

(4 – 6 persons)

Preparation 2-2,5 hours



Beef brisket or shank with bones 2-3 kg( australian imported beef have better flavor)

Tomato, local cut in small cubes 4-5 pieces

Onions, finely chopped 2 big pieces

Carrots, finely chopped 3 pieces

Celery, finely  chopped 2 stick 

Black pepper corns 8-10 pieces

Tomato paste 2 soup spoons

Salt as need it

Vegetable oil 50gr.



Heat up the oil in a big pot and saute all the vegetables. When your vegetables have take nice golden color add the tomato pasteand the black pepper. Add 2-3 ltr water and add the beef.

( on that spot i need to explain to you that if you have buy local beef you will need min time 3 hour so your beef will be boiled properly and will be tender, however if you have buy imported beef preferably australian because is more soft and better flavor than the american or the brazilian,)

You will need to add couple time water until the beef if soft and tender. Let the soup reduce on the last boiling by half and at the end at the salt.

Onions thin sliced 3 pieces (big onions)

Vegetables oil 3 soup spoons

Brown sugar 2 soup spoons.

Add the oil in a pan and let it to be well hot add the onions and saute then until they become soft. Add the sugar and mix well in medium fire. When the sugar melt and the onions are dark brown remove it from the stove.

Serve all the dish as per photo.

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How to Cook Creamy  Potato Soup with Bacon Bites Recipe

(4-6 person)

Preparation 1 hour



Potatoes fresh cut them in big cubes  6 big pieces

Potato powder 300gr

Heavy cream 350gr

Fresh milk 1 ltr ( evaporated if you use you must mix it half & half with water)

Bacon, 10 slices

Onions fine chopped 2 big pieces

Garlic fine chopped 3 cloves

Cheddar cheese shreded

Chicken cubes 1 piece

Leeks finely chopped 2 pieces only the white part.

Butter unsalted 200gr

Salt & white pepper as need it.



Melt in your pot the butter in medium fire ( be very carefull the butter to do not turn black) and start to saute the leeks the onions the galic and the fresh  potatoes. Add the chicken cube too and add some salt and white pepper.

Add the fresh milk and 1 ltr of water and let your soup to boiled for one hour until reduce ¼ on your pot.

Then add the heavy cream let the soup to boile for 5 more minutes and then blend with your hand blender all your soup,  add the potato powder ( slowly inside the soup ) and mix the soup very well.  Your soup must be thick creamy.( do not turn the soup in mash potato by adding to much potato powder or by reducing a lot the soup) if your soup turn to thick add some hot milk and mix well the soup.

Adjust the salt & pepper.

Cooke in the fry pan or in the oven the bacon slices until they get crispy. Then chop the crispy bacon and add one tea spoon before service to the soup bowl.

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How to Cook Cream of Cauliflower Soup, with Pesto Sauce Recipe

( 4-6 person)

Preparation 1 hour



Cauliflower cut it in big chuncks  1,5 kilos

Garlic, finelly chopped 3 cloves

Onions, finnely chopped 1 big onion (red or white)

Chicken cube 1 piece

Cooking cream 250gr

Butter 100gr (unsalted)

White flour 2 soup spoons

Vegetables oil 50 gr

Salt & white pepper as need it

Pesto sauce 1 tea spoon per serving (you can by one small jar 250gr)



Heat the oil and saute the onions the garlic and the cauliflower for ten minutes.

Add slowly the flour  and add the salt the white pepper and the chicken cube. When the flour and the vegetables have be well saute add 2 liter of water and let it boiled in slow fire for almost one hour until reduce in half.  And then add your heavy cream and let it boile for about 10 min more. Remove the soup from the stove and take out all the vegetables and blend them or use a hand blender so u can blend them inside the soup. Cut your butter in small pieces and add it inside your soup. Add some salt and white pepper to correct the flavor.

Serve it in the soup bowl and on top the soup before you serve it 1 tea spoon pesto.

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