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Special Food Deals and Catering For This Holiday Season


Seasonal greetings to all of you!

As we all know several holidays and celebrations are coming up this month and next month.

The holidays are time for us to relax to spend some quality time with people that love and we cannot see them during regular time. Unfortunately our life is moving in “very high speed” and our jobs are very demand.

The most of the middle average humans are speeding in the work area more than 12 hours a day, and this is effecting to our personal life and to our families.

The best part with the holidays is that we can sit around the dining table with our families and we can enjoy a nice meal well cooked and with proper ingredients.

For that reason I will give you a few recommendations for your special meals and by the way we also do “Caterings”.


Now if do not really want to cook all of the above I suggest you to order them from your favourite restaurant or from the Primo Gusto Catering 09173166519. They can DELIVER your Favourite Holidays Dishes any where nationwide in Philippines;


They can provide you with Gourmet Desserts (Tiramisu, Sweet Bitter mousse cakes, Bavaria mousse cake, Danish pastries freshly baked and beautiful breads!)



Primo Gusto Delicatessen & Caterings & Pastries is one of the most professional catering Companies in Philippines that can provide you the Best Culinary experiences. Contact them on mob 09173166519


Or you can drop your order here in our Site




And we will contact you immediately.


Happy Holidays & Happy Cooking!!!!!


Chef Panos

Now if you like beef I suggest you to cook Whole Prime Rib use wrapped in mustard and fresh herbs. Served with marble potatoes sauté with garlic and rosemary and beef…

Stuff Duck

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Another suggestion is Stuff Duck with Italian prosciutto gruyere cheese parmesan cheese and fresh herbs. Served with roasted herb lemon potatoes.

The Turkey

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One of the most traditional meals is The Turkey. I suggest you stuff turkey with ground meat brown rice and dry fruits. Served with mash potato caramelized pumpkin and turkey gravy.…
For cold appetizer you can have “Norvigian Marinated Gravlex” Excellent salmon fillet marinated to perfection, excellent to serve as cold appetizer. Of Course for all of the above propose you…

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