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Pan Fried Shrimps with Compote of Eggplant

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Pan Fried Shrimps with Compote of Eggplant



 10              Pieces Shrimp

 10              Pieces Tomato

 5                Pieces Eggplants

 1/2            Bunch Thyme

 20ml          Virgin Olive Oil

 1               Pieces Garlic

 2               Pièces Shallots


 1/2           Bunch  Parsley

 20gr          Tomato Paste

 50ml         Balsamic Vinegar

 50ml         Virgin Olive Oil


 50gr         Butter

 50ml         Pastis or Pernod or Ouzo


Aubergine Caviar

Cut the aubergine in half and score the inside with a knife. Sprinkle with the, garlic, olive oil and thyme then place in the oven on a bed of foil or rock salt until it is soft.

Remove the aromats and scrape out the flesh with a spoon. Allow to drain in a colander for a few minutes. Chop finely with a knife.

Tomato Paste

Blanche the tomatoes in water, take of the skin and remove the seeds, cut into small pieces and cook with a sprig o thyme, bay leaf, a clove of garlic and a small pinch of sugar until a paste.

Then cook the chopped shallots in a little olive oil, add tomato past and eggplant and cook until a nice dry paste. 

The Sauce 

Mix tomato paste from a can with the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pine nut and chopped parsley. 

The Shrimps

Pan fry the shrimps in butter add Pastis or Pernod, flambé, season with salt and pepper.

Finish with a few fennel seeds and some freshly chopped parsley.

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