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Thursday, 10 January 2013 02:10

Pan Fried Shrimps with Compote of Eggplant

Written by
Pan Fried Shrimps with Compote of Eggplant   Ingredients:  10              Pieces Shrimp  10              Pieces Tomato  5    …
How to Cook Beef Ossobuco Classical Recipe (for 4 person) Cook With The“Wow”   Ingredients: Beef Shank (Ask Your Butcher to Cut the Shank around 300gr per Portion) 4 Pieces…
How to Cook Chicken Ala Chef Gusto Recipe ( For 4 People) Cook With The “Wow”   Ingredients: Chicken Breast Boneless 4 Pieces Pecorino Cheese Cut Small Sticks 50gr Sage…
how to cook with a wow pork cheek ragu by John Cann Ingredients ·         1kg pork cheek, trimmed ·         500ml good red wine ·         2 tsp fennel seeds ·         1 tsp peppercorns ·         10 sprigs of thyme ·         1 large onion finely chopped ·         2 bulbs of fennel chopped…
Cold Cucumber Soup Recipe (4 persons) Preparation 20 min “Cook with the WOW” Ingredients:  Cucumbers fine diced 3 pieces Rice wine vinegar 2 soup spoons Lemon grass chop very fine…
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