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Tempura of Scampi with Passion Sauce

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Tempura of Scampi with Passion Sauce


 10       Pieces Scampi

 100gr  Flaked Almonds (lightly chopped)


 100gr  Flour

 100gr  Potato powder

 1        Pinch Baking Powder

 100gr  Water


 1can   Passion Fruit

 50gr   Sugar

 50ml  Orange Juice


For the tempura:

Place the flour in bowl with the cornstarch, turmeric and water.

Clean the scampi by removing the gut trail on the top of the scampi, cut in half, place in batter then in almonds

Deep fry until the almonds are golden brown. (180ºC)

For the sauce:

Make a caramel with sugar add the orange  juice and reduce by ½, cut the passion fruits in half remove the flesh, add to the sauce bring to boil.

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