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Tortellini de Chevre

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Tortellini de Chevre




100 gr            “00” Pasta Flour

2                     Egg Yolks

2                     Whole Eggs

10 ml               Virgin olive oil

10 ml               Water (optional)

2 gr                 Salt


100 gr              Olive Black                           }

4                      Pieces Anchovy Fillets           }

10                    Capers                                 }

20 ml               Olive Oil                               }

1 tsp                Dijon Mustard                       }           For the Tapenade

1                     Pieces Garlic                         }

White Pepper                        }

1                     Large Onions(white if available)



The Pasta

Make the pasta in a mixer  taking care not to over work it.

The tapenade

Blend all the ingredients together then pass through a sieve. (5gr per tortellini)

The Onion Compote

In a large flat pan add a good piece of fresh butter. Peel and finely slice the onions and add to the butter. Add the sugar and cook gently (stiring all the time) until a golden brown colour and sweet to the taste. Add a little salt. (5 gr per tortellini)

The Tortellini

Roll the pasta down to just below number 1 on the pasta machine. Cut out with a round, plain cutter size 100mm. Brush one edge with a little water. Place a little onion compote in the centre followed by a little tapenade followed by 10 gr of goat’s cheese. (Use the left over Pyramid cheese from the trolley)

Fold the pasta over in half and seal the edges well. Take the two corners and lightly brush one with a little water then press together.

The Sauce: Take some chopped shallot and sweat in some olive oil, add some chopped ripe plum tomatoes and cook gently until pureed. Add a little sugar and tomato paste if the tomatoes are not ripe. Liquidise and pass though a fine chinois. Adjust the seasoning.


 “Won Ton” (a Japanese square paste) could be used instead of pasta.

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