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Flan - A round pastry tart that contains either a sweet (custard or fruit) filling or a savory (vegetable, meat, or savory custard) filling. The pastry is cooked in a…


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Escarole - Escarole is a variety of endive with broad, slightly curved leaves. It has a milder flavor than Belgian or curly endive.


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Fennel - An aromatic plant from the carrot family. Florence fennel, also called "finocchio," is eaten raw and in salads. Common fennel is the plant that produces fennel seeds. Italian…


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Filbert - This nut is also known as the "hazelnut" or "cobnut." Used whole, chopped, and ground in baking, candies, desserts, and salads.


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Finnochio - A variety of fennel that is eaten raw and in salads. Also called "Florence fennel."


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Fondant - This is a mixture of sugar, water, and cream of tartar cooked to the "soft-ball" stage. This mixture is cooled, then beaten and kneaded until pliable. Used both…


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Fructose - A natural byproduct of fruits and honey. More water-soluble than glucose and sweeter than sucrose with half the calories. Can be used by diabetics.


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Garlic - A hardy bulbous plant related to leeks, chives, onions, and shallots. A powerful seasoning that can be used with almost any non-sweet dish. Garlic remains in the body…


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Gelatin - An odorless, tasteless, and colorless thickening agent that forms a jelly when dissolved into hot water then cooled. Used in jellied desserts, salads, and cold soups. Available in…


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Gherkin - The young fruit of a small variety of dark green cucumbers grown especially for pickling. The French call this pickle "cornichons."
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